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Najwa Shihab

Najwa Shihab nicknamed Nana was born in Makassar, 16 September 1977 (40 years). She is a former newscaster on Metro TV. She was once the anchor of Metro today prime time news program, Suara Anda and bincang-bincang Mata Najwa program. 

Najwa is a second daughter of Quraish Shihab, Minister of Religion of the era of Development Cabinet VII. Nana is married to Ibrahim Assegaf and already has one son who is familiarly called Izzat (17 years).

Najwa is a graduate of Faculty of Law UI year 2000. During high school she was selected to follow the program of  AFS, which in Indonesia this program is implemented by the Foundation Bima Antarbudaya for one year in the United States. Pioneering career in RCTI, in 2001 she chose to join Metro TV because the TV station was considered more to answer his interest to the world of journalism. 

In 2006 she was selected as Best Journalist of Metro TV, and was nominated for Best Panasonic Awards Reader. In August 2017, through the episode of Pointless Notes, she formally resigned from Metro TV who had raised her name. On January 10, 2018, Najwa Shihab via Mata Najwa appeared again in Trans7 by staying in the same slot as on Metro TV, which is Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

Najwa and the movement of reading, that is the current world of Najwa Shihab. Campaigning love books, talking about literacy, having a concern on the level of reading books among young people, she was involved in several literacy movements. This is acknowledged as a big challenge, because she is believed to assume the role of Indonesian Reading Ambassador. Najwa Shihab is appointed as Indonesia Reading Ambassador (2016-2020) by National Library of Indonesia, with the main task of spreading interest in reading to the country. In addition to Indonesia Reading Ambassador, Najwa also became Ambassador of Mobile Library. A literacy network dedicated to building mobile libraries, from one region to another, with simple means of infrastructure. In the program, there are parties who spread books using horses, carts, boats, vespa, and so forth. Najwa's task is to build awareness of books and reading movements, to disseminate reading materials to various parts of the country, in an effort to increase reading interest in Indonesia.

Awards that had been achieved by Najwa Shihab :
  • The Best Television Person in the Panasonic Gobel Awards (2016)
  • The Influential Woman of the Year from Elle Magazine (2016)
  • Most Progressive Figure by Forbes Magazine (2015)
  • The Best Election Presenter by Election Supervisory Board (2015)
  • Young Global Leader by The World Economic Forum (2011)
  • Highly Commended for the Best Current Affairs Presenter at the Asian Television Award (2009 and 2007)
  • Australian Alumni Award for Journalism and Media (2009)
  • National Award for Journalistic Contribution to Democracy (2010)
  • Best Metro TV Journalist 2006
  • Young Global Leader (YGL) 2011 from the World Economic Forum (WEF) 
  • Asian Television Awards (ATA) 2011 Second Winner or Highly Commended
  • Best Current Affairs Presenter in Najwa Eye show on Metro TV. Earlier in 2009 also became the second Champion and in 2007 became Third Winner. 

She really inspires me. I love to watch her in Mata Najwa, I think she is really smart and talented. She is a critical person, she is smart when she interviews a lot of politic figure in this country. I really want to be like her in public speaking. She is really inspiring me.

Please choose the right answer!
1.When was Najwa Shihab born?
a.16 September 1977
b.17 September 1977
c.16 September 1978
d.15 September 1978

2.Najwa's father was the minister of...

3.When was she selected as the Best Journalist of Metro TV?
a.In 2004
b.In 2005
c.In 2006
d.In 2007

4.What program that she bring?
a.Waktu Indonesia Bercanda
b.The comment
c.Indonesia Lawyers Club
d.Mata Najwa

5. Najwa is a graduate of ... in year 2000
a.Faculty of Law UI
b.Faculty of Medicine UI
c.Faculty of Law UGM
d.Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Scrience UI 

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