Hello guys!
I'm Andini Salsabila Puteri from Bandung, Indonesia.

Today, I want to tell you about my story which make me feel so thankful to someone.

When I was in seventh grade, I got a task from my civics teacher, that I had to interview my family member who is the veteran or if the veteran already died, I could interview someone who knew the story. My family member who is the veteran is my grandfather from my father. But, he already died. I felt so confused because all of my family member in Bandung didn't know his story. But, in Saturday, my grandfather from my mother came to Bandung from Majalengka. He was the only one who knew the story of my grandfather from my father. So, I interviewed him and he told me the story. Because of that, I could finish my task. I was really thankful to my grandfather because if he didn't come to Bandung, I couldn't finish my task on time.

So, that is my story, I hope you enjoy the story.
Thank you!


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