Tigers are at the top of food chain. People will hunt tigers for their fur mostly. Tiger can get sick with some of the same things as your cat at home. For example, Rabies, Feline leukemia, or maybe just cold. Tigers are the largest cat species in the world. An adult tiger can weigh up to 3000 kg.

Tiger's Life Cycle

A tiger life cycle is a very interesting to learn. Did you know that tigers look the same when they are adults and when they are cubs. Tigers grow to be 4-10 ft. Most tigers are between 220-660 pounds. Tigers can live between 20-26 years old.

Tiger's fact :
  1. Shave a tiger, and it still has stripes as they're on the skin, not just the fur.
  2. A tiger's night vision is up to six time better than ours. 
  3. A tiger's hind legs are longer than it's front legs, giving them the ability to leap up to 10 meters forward.
  4. When hunting, tigers can reach speeds of up to 65 km/h.
  5. A tiger's tail can be up to one meter long.
  6. A tiger's tongue has features that help strip feathers, fur, and meat from prey.
  7. A tiger's roar can be heard as far as three kilometers away,
  8. A tiger's hearing is nearly five times better than ours.
  9. Tigers have retractable claws (helping to keep them sharp and allowing tigers to stead silently up to unsuspecting prey)
  10. Unlike most cats, tigers will readily take to water (they are powerful swimmers)
  11. Tigers has a "false eyes". It is a white circular spots located on the backs of tigers ears.

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Please choose the right answer!

1. How long tigers live spend?
a. 10-20 years old
b. 20-40 years old
c. 20-25 years old
d. 5-10 years old

2. A baby tiger is called...
a. Cubs
b. Calf
c. Puppy
d. Kitty

3. When hunting, tigers can reach speeds of up to...
a. 85 km/h
b. 90 km/h
c. 65 km/h
d. 70 km/h

4. A white circular spots located on the backs of tigers ears is called...
a. True eyes
b. False eyes
c. Tigers eyes
d. Fake eyes

5. A tiger's hearing is nearly ... times better than ours.
a. Five
b. Three
c. Four
d. Six


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